600x600 Skylight - Flat roof Mardome clear Dome roof Light Window

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600x600 Skylight - Flat roof Mardome clear Dome
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Mardome Trade, Double Skin fixed Roof Window(Dome Only) 600mm x600mm

Mardome Trade, Double Skin fixed Roof Window(Dome Only)

Key features
Mardome Trade, Double Skin fixed Roof Window(Dome Only)

Contemporary design

• Sleek, contemporary aesthetics inside and out

• Aerodynamic low rise glazing unit

• Cabling and actuators hidden within the kerb on mains powered units

Maximum daylight

• Side walls of the Mardome kerb are designed with a steep slope to allow a larger glazing unit to be fitted for maximum daylight area

Thermally insulating

• Higher performance glazing options  can further reduce the Ud -value to as low as 0.95W/m²K

• Multi-wall kerb contributes to the high insulation levels

• Unique glazing cassette holds triple and quad skin polycarbonate glazing to minimise risk of condensation

Easy to install

• Delivered to site complete and ready to fit in robust packaging for easy handling

• Other kerb and fixing options available to suit project requirements

• Mardome kerb foot radius facilitates easy application of roof covering to the termination point without the need for timber fillets

• Integral factory fitted clamp on Mardome kerb holds roof covering in place and prevents peel back once fitted for secure weather-proofing

Robust, durable and secure

• Secure fixings with tamper-proof caps

• Multi-wall Mardome PVC kerb is robust and resilient to damage during installation

• Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate, with UV protection for weatherability and an impact resistance 200 times greater than glass

Choosing The Correct size

When ordering a dome for a pre-existing upstand it is importnant to measure the outside width of the upstand. This gives the corresponding size for the correct dome. For example an outside upstand measuring 500 x 500 will require a dome with a minimum size of 500 x 500.

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