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  1. How To Fibreglass a ROOF

    flat roof

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  2. Installation of Fibreglass Roofing

    Installation of fibreglass roofing has been described as technical, the recent years have seen a huge change in its description with a fair few people completing their own work as DIY projects. By following preparations, guides and watching youtube videos Joe Blogg can even complete hitch-free and successful installation.

    Let’s quickly highlight the installation processes:


    Roof preparation to receive fibreglass: Fibreglass roofing installation is carried out by first preparing the decking. This is done by removing all the unwanted substances related to old decking, ensuring that the roofing joists are cleaned and cleared of lots in readiness to receive fibreglass. All the conditions specified ensure the decking is dry and free of moisture, this must be met to avoid fiberglass failure. T

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