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  1. Which Fibreglass roofing System?

    Quick GRP System overview, Why do we have 3 GRP roofing options on our website?

    Simply because we want you to have a choice without shopping around.

    Comparing prices can be tiresome.
    Burning unnecessary brain calories can be stressful too, especially when that rainwater is literally running down the kitchen wall.

    Our Fibreglass roofing kits can cost as low as 9.75 per metre squared

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    Something to consider before completing a Fibreglass Roof using one of the Composite Roof Supplies Kits

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    Our UK weather is notorious for creating issues with our flat roofs. Here at Composite Roof Supplies we want to offer as much help for you as possible. So we strongly advise a pre winter inspection, looks for signs of a potential failure before the bad weather sets in.

    What to look for during your 3 Point inspection:

    1/ Cracks:

    Random sunny days create expansion and slight movement which is perfectly fine under normal circumstances with any Fibreglass Flat Roof. Providing the roofer has built in some allowance for such movement with 10-20mm gaps to perimeter edges & the deck boards were fitted with a 3mm gap on the joints you shouldn’t have any problems.

    Unfortunatly cracks may be visible in some GRP Roof installations due to poor preperation when fitting the deck boards.

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  4. Flat Roof Cost Calculator

    Flat Roof Cost Calculator

    Flat Roof Cost Calculator

    Working out how much it costs for a new flat roof is now even easier than you think!

    Using advanced technology Composite Roof Supplies have provided an easy 3 step solution for working out what you need and how much a GRP Roof Kit will cost. 

    All you need to know is the Size of your roof! Its as simple as that, no experience is required.

    Step 1: Step 1: The roof Length x Width: Enter the length and width in either Metric or imperial measurements.

    Tip: if you have an L shaped roof create 2 separate kits just treat them as a square and a rectangle.

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  5. Top tips for using our Fibreglass Roof Kits in the Summer.

    Top tips for using our Fibreglass Roof Kits in the Summer

    Okay so we are seeing some pretty hot sunny weather at the moment in the UK. Great news for some, but can create tricky working conditions if you need to complete your Fibreglass Roof using one of our Kits.

    Composite Roof Supplies will happily guide you along the way, ensuring a smooth transition from Purchase, Process, to Completion.

    10 key steps:

    • Check the weather on the day

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  6. Composite Roof Supplies Provide Fibreglass Roofing Kits in the UK


    We are Composite Roof Supplies, a roofing supply company specialising in commercial, industrial and domestic fiberglass roofing kits and accessories for customers throughout the UK. We provide all the roofing materials you need to complete your roofing project, from lead roll, flat roof paint, and roofing resin, to roofing supplies online, we have it all!

    If you’ve been searching for a quality and professional composite roofing service, look no further than Composite Roof Supplies. We are proud to serve customers throughout the UK and can help get the job done to each customer’s specification. No job is too big or too small, we value and take care of every project we do and we complete all roofing projects to an extremely high standard. At Composite Roof Supplies, we believe we stand out of the crowd for the following reasons:

    • Our company is flexible and considers the needs of
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  7. What are the best boards for a GRP flat roof

    What are the best boards for a GRP flat roof


    OSB3 Tongue & Groove ( Oriented Strand Board ) is the roof deck of choice for laying a new fibreglass roof. It’s rough textured surface allows the resin to get a firm grip and key into the board, meaning there is very little chance of delamination ( the matting peeling away form the surface of the wood ). With standard square edge boards allow 3mm gaps between adjoining boards for expansion.

    When using square edge be prepared to

    • Leave a 3-4mm gap between each board edge (for internal movement and expansion)
    • Vigorously abrade plywood to improve bond with 40-60 grit red aluminium oxide paper
    • Apply masking tape to all joints to prevent resin ingress when the bandage is applied *ensure resin can soak into the tape do not use duck tape this is an old style method,
    • Apply an additional glass bandage (450g x 75mm) prior to the main laminate.
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  8. How To Fibreglass a ROOF

    flat roof

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  9. Installation of Fibreglass Roofing

    Installation of fibreglass roofing has been described as technical, the recent years have seen a huge change in its description with a fair few people completing their own work as DIY projects. By following preparations, guides and watching youtube videos Joe Blogg can even complete hitch-free and successful installation.

    Let’s quickly highlight the installation processes:


    Roof preparation to receive fibreglass: Fibreglass roofing installation is carried out by first preparing the decking. This is done by removing all the unwanted substances related to old decking, ensuring that the roofing joists are cleaned and cleared of lots in readiness to receive fibreglass. All the conditions specified ensure the decking is dry and free of moisture, this must be met to avoid fiberglass failure. T

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