Something to consider before completing a Fibreglass Roof using one of the Composite Roof Supplies Kits

Composite Roof Supplies customer support

In no particular order:

  • The weather must be clear, dry and no sign of any rain what so ever, a good app for your smart device is the MET OFFICE, its reliable and very accurate.

  • The Boards should ideally be fitted on the day you decide to start the main laminate, this ensures they are dry and can be sealed with Resin quickly.

  • If its cold store Resin and Topcoats in room temperature, this will ensure good wet-out & the viscosity will be correct, too cold means to thick, even spreading of the materials will be difficult and will result in using to much product which could create a problem completing the roof.

  • If it's hot and sunny store the product in the shade, too hot means curing times with speed up, you don't want to get caught out half way through a mix.

  • Gain as much inside knowledge from our GRP Experts or website, we have how to guides with videos or PDF downloadable user guides available on the CRS website, you will soon become familiar with the process after an hours studying online.

  • Ensure you have enough Resin's, Topcoats, Matting, Tools on site, If you have already made a purchase from check all the contents have arrived as soon as your delivery is signed for. DO NOT leave checking your order when your stood on the roof ready to start. Start by looking at all the parcel number's on the boxes and cross reference with the email delivery note we sent you. NOT with the paper Copy in the delivery boxes, this is because the email copy is the actual contents you ordered.*We manually input the order onto the system for the warehouse packers sometimes mistakes can happen with manual entry we're working hard to improve this process.

Top Tips:

  • Double batten the drip edge with 2x1 treated timber, this ensures enough overhang into gutters. A common mistake which can be costly to fix. Its a good idea to overhang the OSB then trim flush to the edge of your timber batten. Step the second batten down 5mm to allow for the curve of the Fibreglass Trim.

  • Router the timber OSB board on the drip edge, trims will sit flush to the deck this way stopping any potential ponding at the edge. 3mm is required, remember the fit the batten first then measure back 75mm from the edge.

  • Bandaging the joints and trims can be a challenge, Composite Roof supplies have many years experience fitting GRP Roofs, we always bandage joints and trims with the 75mm woven tape at the same time as the main laminate, dry cut first, wet the area which will be covered with the CSM matting, lay down your tapes, wet slightly then apply the main laminate over the top.

  • Laminate the corners with CSM matting prior to starting and main areas of the deck, any stick ups can be sanded when the Resin is cured hard, check for pin holes at that stage, brush more resin if required.

We hope you find our top tips useful, for more support we can be contacted via email or telephone.