C100 Sim Lead Flashing Trim 2.5m Premium Trims

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Trim may be shipped on a separate vehicle when ordered with our Roofing kits

C100 Simulated lead flashing

C100 simulated lead flashing
Fitted as a flashing in a similar way to lead

Use in conjunction with D260

Useful Info

Can be cut and made to measure on-site using an angle grinder or fine tooth cut saw


This trim is 3 Metres long and 100mm deep the return is 25mm allowing this trim to slot into a wall chase.

*The return lip may need trimming depending on how thick your wall chase is.

*Only use PU ADHESIVE to seal this trim to the wall fillet and along the chase in the wall, DO NOT USE SILICONE OR RELATED PRODUCTS

*Fit this trim in 1.25-metre strips and overlap by 50mm the same way you would fit lead 

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