Cromar Pro GRP Top Coat 20kg

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25 YEAR Guarantee Cromar pro GRP (FIRE RATED)

Cromar PRO GRP Topcoat

Dark grey, pre-pigmented, isophthalic acid based, filled fire-retardant roofing top-coat.

Product use: CROMAR PRO GRP Topcoat is recommended for use in flat roofing applications where regulations specify a fire-retardant system.

Characteristics: CROMAR PRO GRP Topcoat is designed for roller application which exhibits good levelling characteristics and sag resistance on inclined surfaces. The cured top-coat is tack-free and watertight with excellent water and weather resistance providing a maintenance-free surface.

Application: CROMAR PRO GRP TOPCOAT is designed for use at ambient temperatures between 18oC and 25oC, and requires the addition of 2% medium activity MEKP catalyst to achieve an efficient cure. For optimum performance the top-coat should be applied to a dry, dust-free surface and built up to film thickness of 500 - 600 microns to achieve the desired fire retardant characteristics in the finished structure. Approvals: Conforms to BS476 Part 3:2004, FAB classification.

When applied at a wet film thickness of 500 – 600 microns and fabricated with a single ply of 450 grams per square metre of emulsion bound chopped strand mat, consolidated with the optimum quantity of an orthophthalic acid based general purpose laminating resin onto 18 mm OSB3 grade board.


Used to form the GRP laminate with the Reinforcement Mat.
Available In:

  • 10kg (0.6kg per m2 coverage container
  • 20kg (0.6kg per m2 coverage) container

Safety Sheet for Resin Safety Sheet For Topcoat Safety Sheet for Catalyst

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