DuoPly Rubber Primer

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DuoPly Rubber Primer

Used For: Used to bond DouPly Membranes together aswell as tapes and accessories to EPDM Rubber membrane i.e. EPDM Rubber membrane to:

9" Elastoform 
6" Cover Tape 
3" Splice Tape 
Pipe boot 
Internal Drain using 9" Elastoform etc 

Available in three Sizes: 0.25 Ltr / 0.5Ltr / 1 Ltr


A 0.25 Litre Tin will cover the following

Coverage: 6.5 Metres of 3" Splice Tape (For Both Sides) or 
Coverage: 6.5 Metres of 6" Cover Tape or 
Coverage: 4.5 Metres of 9" Elasoform Tape

Application: Apply to EPDM rubber membrane only DO NOT APPLY TO TAPES DIRECTLY using a paint brush or scrubbing pad. Make sure the primer is even and does not puddle. Ensure that the primer is touch dry prior to applying mating parts

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