EPDM Termination Bar (Aluminium)

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EPDM Termination Bar (Aluminium)
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EPDM Termination Bar (Aluminium) Used For: Our aluminium EPDM Termination Bar is to be used in conjunction with

EPDM T Bar 3 Metres (Aluminium)

Used For: Our aluminium EPDM Termination Bar is to be used in conjunction with Water Cut-off Mastic & Lap Sealant to create a waterproof junction on up-stands or where EPDM membrane joins into existing roofing materials such as felt.

The membrane is clamped to the substrate using the Termination Bar.

Can be used in place of 3 metres Plastisol Wall Trim where it is not possible to angle grind a slot to weatherproof up-stands.

Don’t forget to order Lap Sealant and Water Cut-off Mastic. The Water cut-off mastic is inserted behind the EPDM Membrane and compressed using the Termination bar. The Lap Sealant is inserted along the top of the termination bar in the angled slot provided.

Width of Trim: 25 mm

Qty in Pack: 1

Includes: 21 Hex Bolts and plastic Caps