GRP Roof kits

Shipped direct to both Domestic & Trade customers across the UK

Below is a quick overview of the flat roofing systems available to you with links to our product pages for more information on pricing.

EPDM Rubber, Fibreglass Roofing or a Repair system? Honestly deciding which material to use really does come down certain factors:Personal preference - usually how the finish will look

  • Ease of application
  • Time constraints
  • Your overal budget
  • Long term or Short term solution required *EPDM has an expected lifespan of 50 years - GRP expected lifespan 30 years, although there isnt yet enough data to prove 30years is a minimum
  • Your choice of contractor
  • How confident you are as a DIY installer 

  1. Low Cost SD GRP Roof Kits 

    • For Light Foot Traffic
    • Use on Domestic Flat Roof Types
    • Get the exact GRP kit you need by m2.
  2. Low Cost HD GRP Roofing Kits

    • For Foot Traffic
    • Use on Commercial Flat Roof Types
    • Get the exact GRP kit you need by m2.
  1. ProGRP Cromar Kits 

    • For GRP Roofing Kits
    • Use our online Flat Roof calculator
    • Get the exact GRP Roof kit you need.
  2. EPDM ClassicBond Kits

    • For EPDM Roofing Kits
    • Use our online EPDM Flat roof calculator
    • Get the exact EPDM kit you need.
  1. Liquid Repair Kits

    • One Coat System
    • Variety of Colours available
    • Use in damp conditions 

How do I decide which Flat Roof System best suits my needs?

Are you a DIY Enthusiast?  if so then the Low cost GRP Kits are perfect, these roofing materials are a low cost option with no compromise on the overal waterproof capability. Easy to fit and our internal system with automatically send you instructions depending on which product you have ordered. We are on hand Monday to Sunday for any Technical support just in case.

Uses include: 

  • Garages Roofs
  • Extensions Roofs
  • Balcony Roofs
  • Walkways
  • Porch Roofs
  • Orangery Roofs

Are you a Roofer or Builder by Trade?  if so then the Low cost GRP Kits are also more than suitable for most Domestic & Commercial Flat or Pitched Roofs, these roofing materials are not Fire Rated so you may need to consult your local building inspector. 

Need to go through Building Control? If your local council specify fire rated properties then the Metrodeck GRP Roof system & Cromar GRP Roof Sytems carry upgraded fire retardant properties. Both options carry a 25 year material warranty.

Uses include: 

  • Garages Roofs
  • Extension Roofs
  • Balcony Roofs
  • Walkways
  • Porch Roofs
  • Orangery Roofs
  • Larger Commercial Roofs *600g GRP Roof Kits or EPDM Kits are a popular choice.

Does your flat roof have a small leak, or need a new lease of life?  Our One Coat Repair Paints are so easy to use and cost effective in terms of a huge labour saving, this may be your best option for a fast fix. and it comes complete with a 5 year warranty! This sytem can also be used in the wet or damp conditions. If you have an existing GRP Roof with small cracks we also have small GRP Repair Kits.

Uses include: 


  • Ferrous metals – Both new and weathered ferrous metals as well as painted galvanised, steel and iron
  • Non-ferrous metals – Both aluminium sheeting and alloy box gutters as well as painted non-ferrous metals


  • Asbestos cladding, sheeting and guttering as well as concrete should be primed before applying TekCryl using a 50% diluted solution of TekCryl (50% solution can be made with 50% white spirits)


  • Ensure that polished bricks and slate have been power washed prior to applying TekCryl, the substrate should be completely dry and free from any contamination.


  • Please note that discolouration may occur when TekCryl is applied on to new asphalt, bitumen or tar surfaces meaning an extra coat may be required. In addition, old bitumen may crack, in this case, further advice should be sought.

PREVIOUSLY COATED OR PAINTED SURFACES *includes old or new Fibreglass roofs

  • Ensure that an inspection of the substrate has been carried out, adhesives tests on any existing coating or substrate prior to the application is highly recommended.