ResiRoof® Catalyst/Hardener 1Kg

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Key Features: 

  • Controlled cure time
  • Mixes with ease (self-searching characteristics)

ResiRoof® Catalyst/Hardener

Colour: Clear

Content: 100g Catalyst 

Where to use this product: ResiRoof Catalyst is used in conjunction with our Resiroof Basecoat Resin & Topcoat

Product use: Used for curing most of our polyester resins, gel coats, bonding pastes and pattern coating paints. Increases cure speed, particularly during cooler conditions.

Preparation: Ensure your Catalyst dispenser is free from any contamination, Use gloves and eye protection at all times when handling MEKP Catalysts.

Characteristics: ResiRoof GRP Roofing Catalyst is designed to be added to resins & topcoats, once mixed the curing process begins, creating a tack-free, hard watertight surface.

Application: Add a maximum 3% ResiRoof Catalyst by volume. Minimum 1%

  • Example: 30ml per kg max
  • Example: 10ml per kg min

Ensure a good hand mix, *avoid mechanical mixing.

(NB: This is a basic guide only please refer to our Resiroof user application guides. 

For optimum performance: The catalyst should be stored at a reasonable temperature of no less than 0°C, keep out of direct sunlight and acetone solutions.

Key Features: 

  • Controlled cure time
  • Mixes with ease (self-searching characteristics)

ResiRoof Catalyst Coverage: 

  • (1000g mixes 40kg of Resin or topcoat @2% ratio) 
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