ResiRoof® Roofing Topcoat 5kg

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  • UV- Resistant

ResiRoof® Topcoat 

Colour: Ral-7011 Iron Grey

Content: 5kg Topcoat - 100g Catalyst (*Required but Optional)

Where to use this product: ResiRoof Iron Grey isophthalic top-coat is used in conjunction with our Resiroof GRP fibreglass matting/Resin system.

Product use: ResiRoof GRP Roofing Topcoat is recommended for use on flat or sloping roofing applications that require high-quality waterproofing.

Preparation: Ensure your fibreglass surface is sanded with 40-grade sandpaper, wiped clean with acetone Dust free and completely dry.

Characteristics: ResiRoof GRP Roofing Topcoat is designed for roller application which exhibits good levelling characteristics and sag resistance on inclined surfaces. The cured top-coat is tack-free and watertight with excellent water and weather resistance providing a maintenance-free surface.

Application: Apply out of direct and the heat of any given day. Add a maximum 2% ResiRoofCatalyst by volume. Example: 20ml per kg. Ensure a good hand mix, avoid mechanical mixing. Apply approximately 0.6kg per m2 using the ResiRoof short pile roller to the main roof areas, edges and corners can be applied using a brush (NB: This is a basic guide only please refer to our Resiroof user application guides.

For optimum performance, the top-coat should be applied out of direct sunlight to a dry, dust-free surface and built up to film thickness of 500 - 600 microns to achieve the desired characteristics in the finished structure. 

Apply a wet film thickness of 500 – 600 microns and fabricated or 1mm 

ResiRoof Topcoat Coverage: 

Available In:

  • 5kg (0.6kg per m2 coverage container - 8.3m2
  • 10kg (0.6kg per m2 coverage container -16.6m2
  • 20kg (0.6kg per m2 coverage) container - 33.2m2
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