ResiRoof® Trade Roofing Tool Pack (5m² up to 100m² Roofs)

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  ResiRoof® Trade Tool Pack (5m² up to 100m² Roofs)

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ResiRoof® Essential Tool Pack (5m² up to 100m² Roofs)

  • 2x box (50 pairs) surgical gloves
  • 1x 225x21 paddle roller
  • 1x 140x21 paddle roller
  • 1x 75x21 paddle roller
  • 7x 150mm deep pile resin roller refills
  • 4x 150mm short pile top coating roller refills
  • 2x 150mm roller arm
  • 1x 75mm roller arm
  • 4x 75mm roller Refills
  • 4x 75mm Brush
  • 2x 5-litre bucket
  • 3x 10-litre bucket
  • 2x telescopic extension arm

ResiRoof saver 10% off
  • 5 litres of Acetone (Recommended)
Acetone is a useful essential for keeping your tools in good order during the process of Fibreglass Roofing. 
Consolidating Roller heads can be kept in pristine condition with the addition of acetone.
Our resin bucket is also re-useable when the resin or topcoat has cured, simply crack them clean ready to use again.  
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