Winter Flat Roofing kits

Shipped direct to both Domestic & Trade customers throughout the UK

Composite Roof supplies have supplied thousands of square metres of the best flat roofing materials to customers in the UK since its launch in late 2013.

With the best Roofing materilas available we are bound to have the perfect choice for your roof, but how do you decide which membrane is best for you?

Below is a quick overview of the flat roofing systems available to you with links to our product pages for more information on pricing.

Some of The Best Materials for flat Roofs are listed below.

We have several different GRP roofing systems for you to choose from as well as EPDM Rubber roof systems:

  1. The One-Piece ClassicBond system is our most popular EPDM and is ideal for small to medium sized flat roofs up to 100m2. This system offers good value for money, a 50 year life expectancy and is the preferred choice due to ease of installation and the fact that most roofs will be installed in one piece without the need for any joins. The  Rubber Roofing kit has seen a growing demand, due to the simplicity placing an order online this choice is ready made for various roof sizes with everything you require in one complete package.
  2. The Resitrix Self Adhesive EPDM system is perfect for larger commercial flat roofs & gutter lining. This is a heat welded, reinforced membrane which is ideal overlaying existing roofing often without the need to strip back.
  3. The Duoply Fleece reinforced Membrane is also ideal for larger roofs where ClassicBond may not be an option. This is a cold applied system and popular due to speed of installation.
  4. The Elastathane Liquid waterproofing system is ideal for complicated roofs where a membrane may not be an option. Popular due to its no nonsense straight out of the tin approach. This system can be laid onto existing felt.
  5. Shedcover is our most cost effective roof system designed specifically for out buildings and sheds etc.
  6. DIY Fibreglass Roofing kits  Perfect for the DIY user on roofs way in excess of 100 square metres. Both Easy fit and cost effective, without compromise on waterproofing capabilities.
  7. Polyurethane Roof repair -TekCryl is a high solids, very low odour one coat instant fix repair coating for roofs, gutters, felt, bitumen, asphalt, cementious surfaces, brickwork, metals and many other surfaces.
  8. A Premium Quality Metrodeck® GRP Roofing kit  With the trade customer in mind this system boasts fire rated properties backed by a materials guarantee with every purchase.
  9. A Premium Quality Cromar ProGRP Roofing System  is a new advanced liquid applied GRP – Glass Reinforced Polyester- flat roof system. It has been specifically engineered for flat roof applications in the UK market.It is a fully integrated seamless system where all the components are designed to work together to ensure that you can take full advantage of this rapidly expanding market. ProGRP can be used on virtually all types of flat roofs up to and including vertical surfaces for example the cheeks of a dormer or the inside face of a mansard or parapet roof.
  1. TRY THIS FOR SIZE - Why not  build your own kit! A Premium Quality Cromar ProGRP Roofing System Or ClassicBond EPDM Rubber System

All our roofing systems carry the same waterproofing capabilities, some systems have upgraded properties such a material warranties if your an approved installer or Fire rated characteristics.

How to fibreglass a roof & How to fit a rubber roof guides can be found in the how to section of our website. You'll also find the Kit builder very usefull.

  1. Fibreglass Roof Kits

    • Standard 450g or Heavy Duty 600g Kits
    • Variety of Colours available
    • Includes tape to bandage your trims to the deck.
  2. EPDM Rubber Roof Kits

    • For Roofs, Sheds, Dormers, Porches, Orangeries & Garages
    • Includes Kits with 50 Year Life Expectancy
ordered a F300 Flat Trim with related items