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Guides and support, We offer only the Best flat roofing materials

So you landed here because, hazard a guess you have a flat roof! Its either leaking, needs refreshing or your having a new one constructed and you have not yet decided which system to choose from.
Let us guide you on which flat roofing materials could be used in 2022.
Now there are many types of materials, today we will be covering what we offer to our customers.

Guides and support

First off what type of roof do you have?

  • The most common in our gardens would be the shed, most sheds have a pitched roof which would comprise of a felt covering.
  • The Garage Roof, either detached or attached to a neighbor the Garage roof is often flat, and many used a felt covering, at late most homeowners opt for a new Fibreglass Roof on a garage or EPDM┬á Rubber membrane.
  • General Flat roofs like rear extensions, side extensions, outbuildings, balconies

What decision do I make?

Lets guess! Leaking Roof? A few points to consider with a leaking flat roof are:

If you can assess the leaking roof visually, this would be a good start in determining if you can simply repair the surface without too much drama. If the answer is yes then we have the perfect product to repair your roof. Take a look at these options:

Shed Roof: SHEDSEAL, a one-coat system. Paint it on from the tin.

Felt, Asphalt or Glass Fibre Roofs: CRYLICROOF is again a one-coat system that can be applied from the tin onto GRP or some rubber membranes A more advanced solution would be Tekguard Flexi GRP 


If you feel like a repair is out of reach and a new roof is required we have a couple of options.

  • EPDM – Rubber is a simple solution to a new roof , check out some how-to videos
  • GRP Fibreglass Roof Kits – We have a range of GRP kits on offer. Traditional GRP or Flexible GRP Learn before you buy┬á
  • Flexi GRP system which can be applied over existing surfaces Learn More

Roof problems?

If you have a felt roof, hopefully, we have helped you decide if you can fix it with SHEDSEAL or TEKGUARD, If NOT then

Consider NEW:

  1. EPDM 
  2. GRP
  3. Liquid Applied

An existing Fiberglass roof is easy to fix.

Minimal Prep on a small surface using Fibreglass.

  1. Sand the area with 40 grit sandpaper
  2. Apply new Topcoat to the surface for pinholes
  3. Cracks require grinding back and new Fibreglass & Resin applied, apply proudly and sand back smooth prior to adding a new layer of Topcoat.

Or repair the whole area with CrylicRoof follow the Crylic User guide for more information.

Currently, we don’t have an option to purchase EPDM repairs kits online were working on a solution, however, you can call us at

for a price over the phone or email us

Premium Flat Roof Systems

Should you need a long-term solution to your flat roof problems we have a range of products that Fix this

TEKGUARD *CRS Recommends  DIY Friendly

FLEXITEC – Build a custom Kit DIY Friendly

PurRoof 2k Professional Use

At CRS we are GRP through and through, but that doesn’t mean we don’t discount other options, here’s a list of our top 3 solutions to a new flat roof.

  3. Cromar Fire-Rated Kits DIY Friendly

ClassicBond by far is the Rubber Roofing system of choice for us. This is a long-term solution with a life span of 50+ Years take a look at the Kitbuider.

Bespoke to your roof size, and you can’t get a quote any easier Try it now

EPDM Roof Calculator

User Guides