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GRP Roofing Kits ResiRoof®

£192.90£1,275.25 Excl Vat

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Explore the excellence of ResiRoof® GRP Roofing Kits

OUR GRP Roofing Kits are your ultimate solution for robust and high-performance flat roofs! Elevate your roofing experience with our carefully curated range,

GRP Roofing Kits are available in sizes from 5m┬▓ to 100m┬▓, providing the ideal kit for projects of any scale.

Why Opt for ResiRoof® GRP Roofing Kits?

  1. Convenience and Efficiency: Bid farewell to the complexities of material calculations. Our grp fibreglass flat roofing kits are meticulously bundled, simplifying the selection process. Choose your desired size, and we handle the rest.
  2. Premium Quality Materials: Proudly sourced and manufactured in the UK, ResiRoof® fibreglass roofing kits feature virgin grade Base-Coat Resin, Pigmented Iron Grey Topcoat, Mekp Catalyst with a convenient measuring cup, GRP Fibreglass Matting, and Woven Tape for joint reinforcement.
  3. Proven Durability: Rigorously tested over numerous years, our fibreglass roofing kit g 450  are engineered to surpass other flat roofing membranes. Rely on ResiRoof┬« for a roofing solution that endures the test of time.


Your ResiRoof® GRP Roof Kit Includes:

  • ResiRoof Roofing Resin Base-coat: A robust foundation for lasting protection.
  • ResiRoof Roofing Topcoat Ral 7011: Premium Pigmented Iron Grey Topcoat for a sleek finish.
  • ResiRoof GRP Roofing Catalyst: Includes a measuring cup for precise application.
  • ResiRoof Acetone Cleaner (5 liters): Ensures a clean and smooth application process.
  • 450g/m┬▓ GRP Fiberglass CSM: High-quality fiberglass for superior strength.
  • 75mm Woven Tape: Joint reinforcement for added stability.

Important Information:

  • Designed for OSB with Tongue & Groove Edge: Crafted specifically for use on Oriented Stranded Board.
  • Woven Bandage for Perimeter Edges: Included for use around perimeter edges where trims meet the roof decking.
  • Compatibility with Different Decking Materials: Additional Woven and Resin may be required for HDF or PLY, ensuring adaptability to various decking materials.

Choose ResiRoof® GRP Roofing Kits for a hassle-free, durable, and top-quality flat roofing solution. Elevate your roofing projects with the reliability and performance of ResiRoof® today!

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Weight 142.25 kg


Fibreglass Roofing Kit

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