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Roof Repair

Shield Your Flat Roof with Superior Sealants: Prevent leaks, protect your investment, and extend the life of your flat roof with our high-performance sealants. Our specially formulated products are designed to address common flat roof issues, ensuring your roof remains watertight, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Discover More Best products for roof repairs in winter All CrylicRoof products contain fibres for additional strength.

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  • GRP Roof Restoration Coat

    GRP Roof Restoration Kit

    £241.37 Excl Vat
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  • Flat Roof Sealant 20KG

    Flat Roof Sealant 20KG

    £104.31 Excl Vat
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  • Sale! Liquid Flat Roof Sealant Black 20kg

    Liquid Roof Seal Paint Black 20kg

    Original price was: £105.04.Current price is: £99.99. Excl Vat
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  • GRP Crack Repair

    GRP Crack Repair Kit

    £61.47 Excl Vat
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  • Flat Roof Sealant 10KG

    Flat Roof Sealant 10KG

    £59.21 Excl Vat
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  • Shed Roof Repair

    £59.21 Excl Vat
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  • Sale! Liquid Flat Roof Sealant Black 10kg

    Liquid Flat Roof Sealant Black 10kg

    Original price was: £61.32.Current price is: £58.33. Excl Vat
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  • flat roof sealnt grey

    Flat Roof Sealant 5KG

    £36.66 Excl Vat
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  • Sale!

    Liquid Flat Roof Sealant Black 5kg

    Original price was: £36.92.Current price is: £33.33. Excl Vat
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Unmatched Crack Sealing

Our meticulously engineered sealants effectively seal and repair cracks, gaps, and seams in felt and fiberglass roofs, preventing water infiltration and safeguarding your flat roof's integrity. Our versatile range of sealants caters to a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial settings.

GRP Restoration with Added Protection: Beyond leak prevention, our sealants also revitalise the appearance of your GRP Fiberglass roofs. They restore the roof's original shine, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and provide an additional layer of defense against the elements. Our GRP restoration coating is a valuable investment for those seeking to prolong their roof's lifespan and prevent future leaks.

Invest in Quality, Protect Your Investment: By choosing our high-quality flat roof sealants, you are investing in the long-term health and protection of your roof. Our products offer exceptional resistance to weather extremes, thermal stress, and movement, ensuring your roof remains resilient and functional for years to come.

Embrace Peace of Mind with Premium Sealants: Don't compromise on the protection of your flat roof. Turn to our range of premium sealants and experience the difference they can make. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in every product we offer.

Flat Roof Sealant Q&A:

Q:What is the best flat roof sealant for waterproofing?

A: The best flat roof sealant for waterproofing is one with excellent adhesion, durability, and weather resistance. Look for products specifically designed for flat roofs and suitable for your roofing material.

Cold Weather Q&A:

Q: Can flat roof sealant be applied in cold weather?

A: Yes, some flat roof sealants are formulated to be applied in cold weather. Check the product specifications and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for temperature conditions during application.

Q: What temperature range is ideal for applying flat roof sealant in cold weather?

A: Ideal temperatures for applying flat roof sealant in cold weather typically range between 40┬░F (4┬░C) and 60┬░F (15┬░C). Ensure the ambient temperature and surface temperature fall within this range for effective application and curing.