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Liquid roofing Kits Tekguard GRP

£269.44£1,102.54 Excl Vat

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Tekguard Liquid roofing Kits

Introducing Liquid roofing Kits BY TekGuard FLEXI-GRP, the cutting-edge innovation in liquid roofing systems that redefines flat roof refurbishment and installation. For years, TekGuard has been a leader in supplying top-quality flat roofing systems, and our latest offering, TekGuard FLEXI-GRP, stands out as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Developed in collaboration with trusted installers, this liquid roofing system is manufactured to the highest standards, utilizing only virgin materials in its production.

Key Features:

Innovation Unleashed: TekGuard FLEXI-GRP or liquid roofing systems (GRP) marks a new era in flat roofing, simplifying the refurbishment or construction process with its simple, effective, and long-lasting design. Taking traditional GRP to the next level of evolution, FLEXI-GRP delivers a seamless and flexible finish that is resistant to cracking or peeling, making it suitable for application on both new and existing surfaces.

Support and Confidence: When you choose TekGuard, you invest in more than just a product ÔÇô you invest in our unwavering support. Count on us for technical advice, collaboration with trade associations, and compliance with market and legislative standards. We ensure you're backed not only during the purchase but also for the long haul.

15-Year Material Guarantee: Our commitment to quality is reinforced by a 15-year (300g CSM) Material Guarantee when TekGuard FLEXI-GRP is correctly installed. Contact us for detailed guarantee conditions and information.

Versatile Application: The TekGuard FLEXI-GRP system is adaptable to a variety of surfaces. Sound existing roofs can be efficiently overlaid, saving both time and cost. The system can also be applied to new OSB3 where roof deck replacement is required.

Overlaying Existing Roofs: Careful consideration is given when appraising an existing roof for potential defects and points of failure. To ensure the guarantee's validity, core samples are recommended to assess the structure and condition of the substrate. The FLEXI-GRP system can be laid over existing roofs, provided defects are remedied, and suitable conditions are met.

Multi-Surface GRP Fibreglass Roof Kit: Our TekGuard Multi-surface GRP Fibreglass Roof Kit is designed for consistent curing speed when used with TekGuard GRP Catalyst. Refer to the material and catalyst chart for quantities needed and the user guide for comprehensive technical data.

Preparation is Key: It is crucial to prepare surfaces properly before application. The guide outlines suitability for overlay, emphasizing the importance of testing bond strength on a small area before commencing the main application.

Detailing Matters: Consideration of existing detailing such as upstands, drip trims, and outlets is integral to system integrity. Ensure these elements are in suitable condition, removing or replacing any redundant or failed details before application.

Choose TekGuard FLEXI-GRP for a liquid roofing systems (GRP) solution that combines innovation, durability, and unwavering support. Redefine your roofing experience with TekGuard ÔÇô where excellence meets reliability

Tekguard guide 

What's included?

  • Tekguard Resin
  • Tekguard Primer
  • 300G matting
  • Hardener
  • Woven tapes
  • Acetone Cleaners

Q1: Can TekGuard FLEXI-GRP be applied to withstand extreme weather conditions?

A1: Yes, TekGuard FLEXI-GRP is designed to withstand temperature extremes and is suitable for both winter and summer use. Its flexibility ensures a seamless finish that remains resilient against the harshest weather conditions, providing a durable and reliable solution.

Q2: What surfaces can the TekGuard FLEXI-GRP liquid roofing systems (GRP) be applied to?

A2: The innovative TekGuard FLEXI-GRP system can be applied to a range of surfaces, including existing roofs deemed sound, and new OSB3 where roof deck replacement is necessary. However, it's essential to carefully appraise existing roofs for defects and points of failure, ensuring proper preparation and adherence to suitability guidelines outlined in our user guide.

Q3: How does TekGuard support customers beyond product purchase?

A3: TekGuard stands by its customers with comprehensive support. Our team provides technical advice, collaborates with trade associations, and ensures compliance with market and legislative standards.

We prioritise long-term relationships, offering assistance not only during the purchase but throughout the lifespan of your roofing system.


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Weight 56 kg


Fibreglass Roofing Kit

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