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Roller Economy Fluffy Refill 75mm

£0.91 Excl Vat

Roller Economy Fluffy Refill 75mm


  • 75mm
  • Info
  • Produces a high quality finish on the fibreglass laminateRoller Economy Fluffy Refill

applications. It is a replacement refill roller that is compatible with many standard paint roller frames.

The "fluffy" texture of the refill is designed to create a smooth and even paint finish on a variety of surfaces. It is made from a soft, synthetic material that holds paint well and releases it evenly during application.

The roller refill has a diameter of 75mm (approximately 3 inches), which is a common size for standard paint rollers. This size makes it suitable for use on both small and large surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and furniture.

The Roller Economy Fluffy Refill 75mm is an affordable and convenient option for those who need to replace a worn or used paint roller refill. It is easy to install on a compatible roller frame and can be used with a variety of paint types, including emulsions, varnishes, and glosses.

Overall, the Roller Economy Fluffy Refill 75mm is a versatile and reliable choice for anyone in need of a high-quality paint roller refill.

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