DuoPly Water Based Deck Adhesive

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Water Based Deck Adhesive for adhering DuoPly Fleece Reinforced Membrane to a timber deck.

DuoPly Water Based Adhesive

This high strength low odour water based acrylic adhesive is specifically designed for use with DuoPly Fleece Reinforced EPDM roofing membrane to a range of deck surfaces. This product is designed to be applied with a medium roller direct to the timber flat roof surface.

Duoply WBA will bond Duoply Fleece Reinforced EPDM membrane to a range of conventional timber roof surfaces e.g. plywood, OSB3. All boards should be resistant to moisture but not sealed with adhesive repellent waxes or other nonabsorbent systems. Certain roof surfaces may not be suitable for use with this adhesive, for example, non-porous such as metal or existing GRP, for these surfaces Contact Bonding Adhesive may be a more suitable alternative

Size: 2.5 Litres (Coverage 7 to 10 sqm) 
Size: 5.0 Litres (Coverage 15 to 20 sqm) 
Size: 7.5 Litres (Coverage 25 to 30 sqm) 
Size: 10 Litres (Coverage 35 to 40 sqm
Size: 15 Litres (Coverage 50 to 60 sqm)

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