Elastathane25 Liquid Waterproofer

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Elastathane 25 is a unique single component polyurethane liquid membrane, 

The product is pre-mixed so there are no complicated ratios or additives to calculate. Upon contact with humidity the activator is released and self-accelerates the curing of the material. This product can be used during the winter months or in climates with relatively low humidity.

Waterproof coating

Elastathane 25 is a polyurethane liquid system, ideal for complicated roofs where a membrane may not be an option. No nonsense straight out of the tin. This system can be laid onto many existing surfaces and has a 25 Year Life Expectancy 

Same day use Primer

The Elastathane Same Day primer also known as Rapid Cure Primer is applied to substrates to improve adhesion if the Elastathane25 Waterproof Liquid Membrane. The primer typically takes 1-2 hours to dry dependant on weather conditions prior to the Elastathane25 Waterproofing coat being applied.


Priming of porous substrates:

  • Porous Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Wood
  • Concrete sealing


  • The liquid top coat of Elastathane25 must be applied the same 
  • Not recommended for unsound substrates.
  • Not to be applied in thick coats.


Approx 0.150 kg/m2.

5kg Tin covers 30-40sqm

Next day use primer

The Elastathane NEXT DAY primer also known as Super Seal Primer is applied to substrates to improve adhesion if the Elastathane25 Waterproof Liquid Membrane. The primer is applied the day before the Elastathane Liquid top coat is applied and can be left for up to 3 months prior to the top coat. This makes this primer ideal for changeable weather conditions and large roofs 


To be used as primer for:

  • Concrete structures (Humid, damp or wet concrete)
  • Ceramic tiles,
  • Non-porous substrates like glass, marble & metals.
  • Also, for use as concrete sealer.


Will discolour when used on its own exposed. This is purely visual and does not affect the performance of the membrane.


  • One component.
  • Of low viscosity.
  • Easily applicable, even on wet concrete.
  • Adheres strongly, even on glassy, non-porous substrates.
  • Excellent wetting, impregnation and paint-over time.
  • Elastic.
  • Many pigment pastes available.
  • A low-cost solution for concrete sealing & protection


Approx 0.150 kg/m2.

5kg tin covers 30-40sqm

Elastapaste thickener

Elastapaste is added to the Elastathane25 waterproof liquid to thicken the liquid for use on pitched and vertical surfaces. The paste is added at a rate of 10-30% depending on the pitch, this will minimise runs

Due to Elastathane 25’s self levelling properties it will be necessary to thicken the membrane for angled or vertical upstands.


Each tube of paste is 1KG 

Add the Elastapaste at a rate of 10-30% depending on pitch this will minimise runs.

For example Vertical applications at 30% 7.5kg of paste to 25kg drum or 2kg to 6kg drum.

We recognise that one system doesn’t fit all roofs so here are some of the advantages of the EPDM systems and our Polyurethane Liquid system to help with your decision making:

All EPDM based membranes have a life expectancy in excess of 50 years, making them highly cost effective and environmentally friendly. The membranes remain permanently flexible and are highly resistant to UV and infrared light, without the need for additional surface protection. EPDM is extremely elastic, with no shrinkage or dimensional changes over a temperature range from -40 to +120 Degrees centigrade. EPDM membranes are very competitive in price especially the CLASSICBOND & SHEDCOVER systems.

DIY Flat Roof Systems

All of our roofing systems including both EPDM and Polyurethane, have exceptional resistance to the effects of weather, environmental chemicals and aggressive industrial emissions.

The reinforced membranes, RESITRIX & DUOPLY offer additional puncture resistance and dimensional stability on larger roofs due to their integral Glass Fibre / Fleece reinforcement.

The ELASTATHANE liquid system is a great system for complicated roofs where laying a membrane might prove awkward. 

No nonsense straight from the tin!

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