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Fibreglass Roof Repair

Fibreglass roof repair kit

Looking to repair and restore for your fibreglass roof? Don’t worry about replacing it! Our Fibreglass Roof Repair and Recoating kit has got you covered.

With our flat roof repair kit, you’ll have access to three super easy-to-use products specifically designed for fibreglass recoating and repairing. Whether you need to fix a few cracks or holes or completely restore your roof, our kit has got you covered.

Our kit includes an incredible GRP Restoration Coating that will restore your roof to its original condition. Along with our patch kits & sealant, you can fix any damage to your fibreglass roof with ease.

With our Fibreglass Roof Repair and Recoating kit, you can be confident in your ability to repair and restore your roof yourself. Don’t let damage bring down the look and functionality of your roof any longer!

GRP Roof Repair Coating

Looking for a simple and effective way to restore your GRP roof? Our GRP Roof Restoration Topcoat Only process is just what you need.

With our topcoat only process, you can easily apply a new, protective layer over your existing GRP roof. This will help to restore its appearance and protect it from further damage.

GRP Pin Hole Repair

Are you dealing with pinhole leaks in your GRP roof? Our GRP Pin Hole Repair Topcoat Only process can help!

Our process is specifically designed to address pinhole leaks in GRP roofs without the need for extensive repairs or replacement. With our topcoat only process, you can easily apply a new layer of protective coating over the damaged area.

GRP Crack Repair

Dealing with cracks in your GRP roof? Our GRP Crack Repair Kit is just what you need!

Our kit includes everything you need to repair cracks in your GRP roof, including a high-quality topcoat matting fibres for added durability. We also provide the necessary tools to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.


GRP Roof Restoration Coat

Looking for a flexible and durable solution to repair your GRP roof? TekGuard All Over One Coat Flexible

All-in-one solution that provides both the base coat and topcoat in a single application. You can complete your repair quickly and efficiently, with no need for multiple repair coats or extensive preparation.


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