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Green Composites

Dec 9, 2023 | Composite News

Green Composites

CRS Announces the Birth of Green Composites

A Green Revolution Unveiled: Composite Roof Supplies Announces the Birth of Green Composites and a Groundbreaking Product Launch for Green Roofs, Evergreen Hybrid Roof Membranes 

In a momentous stride towards revolutionising Fibreglass roofing solutions, Composite Roof Supplies proudly announces the birth of Green CompositesÔÇöa visionary leap in sustainable roofing technology. This moment is marked by the launch of an innovative product that promises to redefine green roofs. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking announcement and explore the future of eco-friendly roofing.

fibreglass roofing kits

The Next Generation Fibreglass Roof Kit: A Green Composites Initiative

Composite Roof Supplies introduces the Next Generation Fibreglass Roof Kit, featuring the exceptional EverGreen Hybrid MembraneÔÇöa testament to the commitment to sustainability, innovation, and roofing excellence. This comprehensive kit has been meticulously crafted with the professional liquid roofing applicator in mind, offering a streamlined installation process and delivering unmatched performance, durability, and safety.

Key Features of the Next Generation Fibreglass Roof Kit:

1. EverGreen Hybrid Membrane Flexi-GRP Roofing:

  • A liquid system that forms a flexible GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) membrane.
  • Waterproofs flat roofs without the need to strip and replace the existing deck.

2. Fire-Rated Certification and Compliance:

  • Holds the highest fire-rated certification onto OSB3 (BS.476 Part 3 – F.A.A.).
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial properties, compliant with building regulations for fire protection.

3. Installation Confidence and Ongoing Support:

  • Full technical support and assistance in specifying and installing Green Composites roofing systems.

4. 25-Year Materials Guarantee:

  • Robust 25-year Materials Guarantee (600g CSM) showcases a commitment to quality and longevity.

5. Single High-Performance Resin with Wet-on-Wet System:

  • Features a single high-performance flexible resin, eliminating the need for separate base and topcoats.
  • Operates as a wet-on-wet system for enhanced versatility and application efficiency.

6. Versatile Application and Quick Cure Times:

  • Applicable to multiple surfaces (Felt, OSB3, GRP, concrete, and asphalt).
  • Customizable cure times to suit different environmental conditions.

7. Cold Applied with Superior Fire Rating:

  • Cold-applied, eliminating risks associated with hot works and open flames.
  • Boasts a class-beating fire rating, ensuring both safety and ease of installation.

8. Efficient Liquid Catalyst System:

  • Utilizes a liquid catalyst system, eliminating the need for additional products to speed up or slow down the curing process.

9. EverGreen Hybrid Membrane/Ancillaries:

  • Seamless compatibility with EverGreen Hybrid Membrane branded ancillaries for versatile use and convenience.

Key Components for a Sustainable Future: Green Composites Liquid Roofing System

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, the Next Generation Fibreglass Roof Kit incorporates essential components designed to elevate roofing projects with precision and eco-consciousness:

1. Clear Graduated Mixing Cup:

  • Achieve precision in every mix for accurate measurements.

2. EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Primer:

  • Lay the groundwork for a resilient roof with enhanced adhesion.

3. EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Hardener:

  • Fortify your roof with strength, introducing durability and resilience.

4. EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Acetone:

  • Streamline the application process and enhance adhesion for a smooth and effective roofing experience.

5. EverGreen Hybrid 600-Fibre:

  • Elevate roof structural integrity with a fiber-reinforced component for unparalleled resistance to wear and tear.

6. EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Liquid Roof Membrane (color as selected):

  • Seal your roof with style using a customizable liquid membrane for a waterproof, weather-resistant finish.

Why Choose the Green Composites, Liquid Roofing System ?

  1. Innovative Fibreglass Technology:
    • Leverages state-of-the-art fibreglass technology for roofing solutions surpassing traditional methods.
  2. Professional-Grade Quality:
    • Crafted from premium materials, ensuring a professional finish meeting the highest standards of quality and durability.
  3. User-Friendly:
    • Designed for professional results but remains user-friendly, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy advanced technology without expert installation.
  4. Versatility:
    • Tailored for various roofing applications, offering a versatile solution for different materials and structures.

Embrace a Sustainable Future with Green Composites Liquid Roofing System

Elevate your roofing projects to unparalleled heights with the assurance of longevity, performance, and efficiencyÔÇöchoose EverGreen Hybrid Membrane. Invest in the future of roofing technology and redefine excellence with our Next Generation Fibreglass Roof Kit.

FAQs for Green Composites Liquid Roofing System and Next Generation Fibreglass Roof Kit

Q1: What makes Green Composite Liquid Roofing System stand out in the market? A1: EverGreen Hybrid Membrane is distinguished by its revolutionary single high-performance resin, streamlined wet-on-wet system, and superior fire-rated certification onto OSB3. This environmentally conscious membrane is a leading choice for those seeking innovative, durable, and eco-friendly roofing solutions.

Q2: How long is the Materials Guarantee for EverGreen Hybrid Membrane? A2: EverGreen Hybrid Membrane comes with a robust 25-year Materials Guarantee (600g CSM) when installed correctly. For detailed guarantee conditions, please reach out to our team for further information and peace of mind regarding the longevity of your roofing investment.

Q3: Can EverGreen Hybrid Membrane be applied to various surfaces? A3: Absolutely! EverGreen Hybrid Membrane is designed for versatile application and can be applied to multiple surfaces including Felt, OSB3, GRP, concrete, and asphalt. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of roofing needs.

Q4: Is the installation process complicated, and does it require hot works? A4: No, the installation process is straightforward and hassle-free. EverGreen Hybrid Membrane is cold-applied, eliminating the need for hot works and associated risks. Its quick application, customizable cure times, and efficient liquid catalyst system contribute to a time-saving and user-friendly installation.

Q5: How does EverGreen Hybrid Membrane contribute to environmental sustainability? A5: EverGreen Hybrid Membrane embraces environmental consciousness by offering a single high-performance resin without the need for separate base and topcoats. Its innovative design minimizes waste, and the membrane itself is a key player in promoting energy efficiency and longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Q6: What ongoing support is provided after the installation of EverGreen Hybrid Membrane? A6: We prioritize your satisfaction and offer continuous support. Our team provides full technical support for both product and installation queries. Additionally, we offer a range of guarantees tailored to your needs, ensuring your confidence in the performance of EverGreen Hybrid Membrane now and in the future.

Q7: Can EverGreen Hybrid Membrane be used without adding a green roof? A7: Absolutely. EverGreen Hybrid Membrane is a versatile roofing solution that can be used without the addition of a green roof. Whether you opt for a traditional roof or wish to explore green roofing options later, EverGreen Hybrid Membrane offers flexibility in design and application, providing outstanding performance and durability even

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Green Composites

by | Dec 9, 2023 | Composite News

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