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Liquid Roofing Systems (Revealed)

May 31, 2024 | Composite News

Liquid Roofing Systems (Revealed)

Revolutionising Roofing: A Deep Dive into Our Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing System

In the ever-evolving world of roofing, our latest innovation stands out as a game-changerÔÇöthe Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit. Offering the unprecedented ability to Fibreglass over felt, this liquid roofing system has become a preferred choice for both seasoned roofers and DIY enthusiasts. Let’s explore the key features, guidelines for selecting overlay surfaces, and address some common questions about this revolutionary liquid roofing system.

Key Features:

  1. Versatility at its Core: The Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit introduces a new era in roofing, allowing you to overlay existing roof surfaces, including felt. This versatility makes it an advanced solution catering to diverse roofing needs.
  2. Outstanding Results: The system’s advanced technology ensures outstanding results, even when overlaying onto existing felt. The GRP finish is solid, hardwearing, and boasts a seamless dark grey appearance, elevating the aesthetics and durability of your roof.
  3. Tailored to Your Needs: We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer three grades of fibreglass, allowing you to choose the specification that aligns with both your project requirements and budget constraints.

Guidelines for Selecting Overlay Surfaces:

  • Surface Appraisal: Carefully assess the existing roof for potential defects and points of failure before overlaying. Remediate any defects to ensure a solid foundation for the application of the Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit.
  • Core Samples: To ascertain the existing structure and substrate condition, it is strongly recommended to take core samples. This step not only aids in preparation but is also integral to the guarantee’s validity.
  • Defective Areas: In cases where areas are defective due to decay or wear, they must be cut out and repaired to create a solid surface for the application of the liquid roofing system.

Q & A:

Q1: Can this liquid roofing system be applied in extreme weather conditions?

A1: Yes, the Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit is designed to withstand temperature extremes, ensuring durability and reliability even in harsh weather conditions.

Q2: How do I determine the grade of fibreglass suitable for my project?

A2: We offer three grades of fibreglass to cater to different specifications and budgets. Consult with our experts to determine the most suitable option for your specific project requirements.

Q3: Can this system be applied to all types of roofs?

A3: While the system offers great flexibility, it’s essential to follow our guidelines for selecting overlay surfaces. Existing roofs deemed sound, including felt surfaces, can be overlaid with the Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit.

Q4: Is professional assistance recommended for the installation of this roofing system?

A4: While the system is designed to be DIY-friendly, professional assistance is recommended for larger or complex projects to ensure optimal results.

Q5: What is the expected lifespan of the GRP finish?

A5: When installed correctly, the Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit comes with a 15-year material guarantee, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

In conclusion, our Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing System is not just a product; it’s a transformative solution for roofing projects. Embrace innovation, durability, and versatility with a liquid roofing system that’s redefining industry standards.

Liquid Roofing Systems (Revealed)

by | May 31, 2024 | Composite News

Liquid Roofing Systems

Liquid Roofing Systems

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