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GRP Resin Roof Repair Kit 8.3m2

Original price was: £109.23.Current price is: £83.33. Excl Vat

GRP Roof Repair Kit 

GRP Resin Roof Repair Kit, Discover an efficient solution to revive and reinforce your fiberglass roof without the hassle of replacement! Introducing our Fiberglass Roof Repair and Recoating Kit, meticulously crafted to cater to your repair and restoration needs.

This GRP Resin Roof Repair Kit provides three user-friendly products tailored for fiberglass recoating and repairing. Whether you're dealing with minor cracks, holes, or seeking a complete roof restoration, our kit is your all-in-one solution.

Included in the kit is our groundbreaking GRP Restoration Coating, designed to rejuvenate your roof to its original condition. Coupled with our patches and sealant, you can effortlessly address any damage to your fiberglass roof.

Empower yourself with confidence using our Fiberglass Roof Repair and Recoating kit, and bid farewell to the compromise on the aesthetics and functionality of your roof due to damages.

Where to use this product: Our Iron Grey isophthalic top-coat is specifically formulated for repairing GRP Roofs.

Product use: Recommended for flat or sloping roofing applications, the GRP Roofing Topcoat ensures high-quality waterproofing.

Preparation: Prior to application, meticulously prepare the fiberglass surface by sanding it with 40-grade sandpaper, wiping it clean with acetone, and ensuring it is dust-free and completely dry.

Characteristics: The GRP Roofing Topcoat is designed for easy roller application, showcasing excellent leveling characteristics and sag resistance on inclined surfaces. Once cured, the top-coat is tack-free, watertight, and boasts outstanding water and weather resistance, providing a maintenance-free surface.

Application: Apply the top-coat away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. Incorporate a maximum of 2% ResiRoof Catalyst by volume (e.g., 20ml per kg) through a thorough hand mix, avoiding mechanical mixing. Use a short pile roller to apply approximately 0.6kg per m2 to the main roof areas, while edges and corners can be addressed using a brush (Note: This serves as a basic guide; refer to our Resiroof user application guides for detailed instructions).

For optimal performance, apply the top-coat out of direct sunlight to a dry, dust-free surface, building up to a film thickness of 500 - 600 microns to achieve the desired characteristics in the finished structure.

Ensure a wet film thickness of 500 – 600 microns and fabricated or 1mm.

Topcoat Coverage: Available in 5kg containers with a coverage of 0.6kg per m2 (container covers 8.3m2) and matting coverage of 4.4m2.

  • Matting coverage 4.4m2
  • GRP Topcoat alone Coverage: (0.6kg per m2 coverage container - 8.3m2
  • Colour: Ral-7011  Iron Grey


  • 5kg Premium Dark grey Topcoat
  • 5kg Premium Roof Resin
  • 2x 100g Catalyst winter or summer depending on the season
  • 1x 50mm Brush
  • 1x Mixing cup
  • 1x mixing stirrer
  • 1x Roller Economy Fluffy Refill 75mm
  • 1x  Roller Economy Fluffy Frame 75mm
  • 2x Fibreglass matting 450g 1kg, 2.2m2

Fibreglass Roof Repairs

FAQs for Fiberglass Roof Repair and Recoating Kit:

1. Q: What does the Fiberglass Roof Repair and Recoating Kit include?

  • A: The kit comprises three user-friendly products designed for fiberglass recoating and repairing: GRP Restoration Coating, patches, and sealant.

2. Q: Can this kit address minor cracks and holes in a fiberglass roof?

  • A: Yes, our kit is specifically crafted to handle minor cracks, holes, and offers a comprehensive solution for fiberglass roof repair.

3. Q: Is the GRP Restoration Coating included suitable for complete roof restoration?

  • A: Absolutely. The GRP Restoration Coating is a key component of the kit, tailored to rejuvenate your fiberglass roof to its original condition.

4. Q: Where is the Iron Grey isophthalic top-coat recommended for use?

  • A: The top-coat is formulated for repairing GRP Roofs, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

5. Q: What type of roofing applications is the GRP Roofing Topcoat recommended for?

  • A: The GRP Roofing Topcoat is recommended for use on both flat and sloping roofing applications that demand high-quality waterproofing.

6. Q: How should I prepare the fiberglass surface before applying the topcoat?

  • A: Ensure the fiberglass surface is sanded with 40-grade sandpaper, wiped clean with acetone, and is dust-free and completely dry before application.

7. Q: Can I apply the topcoat in direct sunlight?

  • A: It is recommended to apply the topcoat away from direct sunlight and excessive heat for optimal results.

8. Q: What is the recommended ratio of ResiRoof Catalyst when mixing with the topcoat?

  • A: Add a maximum of 2% ResiRoof Catalyst by volume, for example, 20ml per kg, ensuring a thorough hand mix and avoiding mechanical mixing.

9. Q: What coverage does the 5kg container provide?

  • A: The 5kg container covers 0.6kg per m2, resulting in a coverage area of 8.3m2.

10. Q: Is the kit suitable for both minor repairs and complete roof overhauls? - A: Yes, the Fiberglass Roof Repair and Recoating Kit is versatile, suitable for addressing both minor damages and complete roof restoration, offering a comprehensive solution for various repair needs.


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