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Flat Roof Calculator

Need a new flat roof? Use our free flat roof calculator to get an estimate.

Flat Roof Calculator

Are you tired of your old, leaky flat roof? Looking to save money on a new roof? Our flat roof calculator can help!

Simply enter the dimensions of your roof and the type of roofing material you want, and we’ll provide you with an instant estimate. Our calculator is quick, easy to use, and FREE!

GRP Flat Roof Calculator

Create a GRP Roofing Kit to suit your requirements. No need to work out any material quantities. We also add 10% for material waste

Cromar ProGRP®

Dark Grey Topcoat (RAL 7021) Matting, Bandages, Resin & Catalyst Hardener (plus Acetone for cleaning surfaces and tools)

Flexi-Tec Flat Roof Calculator

A Multi-Surface GRP Roofing Systems designed to overlay existing roof surfaces. No need to work out any material quantities. We also add 10% for material waste

Flexi-Tec 2020

Medium Grey in colour, Primer, Resin, Hardener, 225GSM Matting & Taping Mat (plus Acetone for cleaning surfaces and tools)

EPDM Flat Roof Calculator


EPDM Rubber Roofing Kits are very easy to apply. Working out what's required can be confusing use our EPDM Roof Kit Calculator, It's so easy. Membrane, Adhesives, Sealants & Corner Patches Trims

In addition to our free flat roof calculator, we also offer a wide variety of flat roof kits, including:

  • GRP roofing kits
  • EPDM roofing kits
  • Liquid roofing kits

We also offer a variety of roofing accessories, such as:

  • Trims
  • Repair paint
  • Sealants

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, we have the products and services you need to get your roof back in top shape.

Contact us today for more information or to order your flat roof kit.

Need a low-cost GRP Roof Kit by m2?
We have a full selection of 450g GRP Roof materials and 600g Roofing kits for DIY and Trade users

GRP Roofing Kits

GRP Roofing Kits which are winter ready.


Demystifying Flat Roof Calculators: A Comprehensive Guide

Flat roofs, often found in commercial and residential buildings, serve as the protective barrier between the elements and the interior spaces below. While they provide a sleek and uncluttered appearance, maintaining their integrity is crucial to prevent leaks and water damage. This is where flat roof calculators come into play, offering a valuable tool for homeowners and professionals alike.

What is a Flat Roof Calculator?

A flat roof calculator is a web-based or software-based tool that estimates the materials and labor costs associated with flat roof repair or replacement. By providing key information about the roof’s dimensions, pitch, and type of roofing material, these calculators provide an initial cost assessment to guide decision-making.

Benefits of Using a Flat Roof Calculator

  1. Quick and Easy Estimation: Flat roof calculators eliminate the need for complex calculations, saving time and effort.

  2. Cost-Effective Planning: With a preliminary cost estimate, homeowners can budget effectively for their roofing project.

  3. Preparation for Professional Estimates: Flat roof calculators provide a starting point for discussions with roofing contractors.

  4. Understanding Material Requirements: Calculators can inform the quantity of roofing materials needed, preventing over- or under-purchasing.

Types of Flat Roof Calculators

  1. Generic Calculators: These calculators provide basic estimates based on standard roof dimensions and materials.

  2. Manufacturer-Specific Calculators: These calculators are tailored to specific roofing materials, offering more accurate estimates.

  3. Advanced Calculators: These calculators incorporate factors such as roof pitch, overhangs, and accessories for more precise estimates.

Using a Flat Roof Calculator

  1. Gather Roof Information: Measure the roof’s length, width, and any overhangs. Determine the type of roofing material.

  2. Enter Information: Input the roof dimensions, pitch, and material type into the calculator.

  3. Review Estimate: Review the generated estimate, which typically includes materials, labor costs, and total project cost.

Additional Considerations

  1. Accuracy: While calculators provide estimates, they may not account for unique roof conditions. Professional inspections are recommended for more accurate pricing.

  2. Labor Costs: Labor costs vary depending on location, contractor rates, and project complexity. Factor in these costs when evaluating the estimate.

  3. Product Selection: Consult with roofing professionals to select appropriate materials based on your roof’s characteristics.

  4. Permits and Inspections: Check local regulations for permit requirements and ensure compliance throughout the project.


Flat roof calculators are valuable tools for homeowners and professionals alike, providing an initial cost assessment and guiding informed decision-making when dealing with flat roof repairs or replacements. However, it’s crucial to remember that these calculators are estimates, and professional inspections and consultation with roofing experts are essential for accurate pricing and project execution. By leveraging flat roof calculators and seeking professional guidance, you can ensure your flat roof remains watertight and protects your property for years to come.