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Solvent Free Polyurethane System (2K)

Polyurethane System

  1. Benefits of Using a Polyurethane System for Your Roof: various advantages of using a polyurethane system for roofing applications. Such as its durability, waterproofing properties, and energy efficiency.
  2. How to Choose the Right Polyurethane System for Your Project: factors to consider like the type of application, climate, and budget.

PU Flat roof materials are used to cover large surfaces, ranging from 25m2 right up to 10,000m2 and beyond. Our professional wet-on-wet system

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  • Liquid Roofing PurVeil

    £219.84 Excl Vat
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  • Rubber roofing

    Liquid Rubber Roofing kit

    £140.88 Excl Vat
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  • 300gram GlassFibre Matting

    Chopped strand – 300g

    £12.95£135.01 Excl Vat
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