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Liquid Roof Membrane 10kg EverGreen Hybrid

£86.10 Excl Vat

Liquid Roof Membrane 10kg

Available in Colour: Green Roof Hybrid Flexi-Liquid GRP Membrane 

 Grey Ral 7011

Full coverage guide can be seen in the evergreen hybrid brochure: Smooth surfaces using 600g Matting require approx 12kg/5mLiquid Roof Membrane: Size: 10KG Hardener Required Catalyst Coverage: refer to coverage guide page 16

(1kg mixes 40kg of EverGreen Hybrid Flexi- Liquid Roof Membrane)

(1kg mixes 40kg of EverGreen Hybrid Flexi- Liquid Roof Primer)

LSE (Low Styrene Emission system) – Reduced emissions and smell.

Introducing Green Composites' Evergreen Hybrid Membrane – a revolutionary advancement in GRP technology designed to streamline application processes and accelerate working time on both existing and new roof surfaces. Evergreen Hybrid Membrane eliminates the complexities associated with traditional GRP systems, such as the need for separate resin and topcoat applications, providing a flexible solution that mitigates issues like flaking and cracking commonly associated with weather-induced expansion and contraction.


Key Features:

1. **Simplified Application:** Evergreen Hybrid Membrane simplifies the roofing process by offering a comprehensive system that removes the necessity for separate GRP resin and topcoat applications, as well as other liquid products. This innovation ensures a smoother and more efficient installation process.

2. **Flexibility in Performance:** Engineered to adapt to weather cycles, Evergreen Hybrid Membrane eliminates the risk of flaking and cracking in GRP roofs. Its flexible composition accommodates natural roof movements, preventing the development of unsightly and noisy roofing conditions often associated with incorrect installations.

3. **Cutting-Edge Fire Certification:** Evergreen Hybrid Membrane sets the benchmark with the latest fire certification, boasting a fire rating compliant with BS 476 part 3/CEN/TS EN 1187-4. Rigorously tested for real-world scenarios, this product ensures optimal safety and performance.

Please note: The colour Green is currently not specified to offer official certification - The system does however carry Fire rating as above.

4. **Universal Cure and High UV Resistance:** Tailored for roofing applications, Evergreen Hybrid Membrane provides extensive coverage and a universal cure. Manufactured in Green Ral BS 14C39 for consistent colouring, this product is designed for high UV resistance and long-term weathering, ensuring durability in diverse conditions.

5. **Application Versatility:** Whether applied with a brush/roller or specialised equipment for spray application, Evergreen Hybrid Membrane offers versatility in installation methods, catering to various preferences and requirements.

Upgrade your roofing experience with Green Composites' Evergreen Hybrid Membrane – where simplicity, flexibility, and cutting-edge technology converge for superior performance and longevity.

  • High performance flexible GRP That can be applied to existing or new roof structures *
  • Class beating Fire rating BS 476 part 3/ CEN/TS EN 1187-4 laid onto OSB3BS 476 part 3 test:- EXT.F.AA;EN 1187 test 4 – BROOF(t4) tested as a flat roof **
  • Exceptional bond strength to a range of substrates*
  • Superior weather and crack resistance
  • Replaces need to use separate RESIN/TOPCOAT – Single system solution
  • Medium viscosity for easy application
  • Very good coverage rates
  • Low drainage
  • LSE (Low Styrene Emission system) – Reduced emissions and smell.
  • Brush, roller or spray application (with specialist equipment)
  • Uses EverGreen MEKP liquid catalyst’s that can be quickly adjusted to weather andtemperature conditions

Additional information

Weight 11 kg

BROWN Ral 8008, GREEN Ral BS 14C39, GREY Ral 7011