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Polyester Resin 10kg ResiRoof

£63.51 Excl Vat

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Polyester Resin 10kg ResiRoof

Introducing our Polyester Resin 10kg ResiRoof, a revolutionary solution for your roofing needs. This dynamic product, with a curing color of Opaque, comes in a 5kg package of Roofing Resin, excluding the 2x 100g Catalyst (required and sold separately).

Where to use this product: Utilize the ResiRoof basecoat resin in synergy with our ResiRoof GRP fibreglass matting for unparalleled results.

Product use: ResiRoof GRP Roofing Resin, available in a convenient 5kg size, is the go-to choice for flat or sloping roofing applications demanding high-quality waterproofing. Beyond roofing, this Polyester Resin is versatile, making it suitable for general-purpose fibreglass applications and repair work.

Preparation: Achieve optimal results by ensuring your timber deck is 100% dry, clean, and free of protruding nails or screws. Additional resin is crucial for priming Plywood or HDF surfaces, with a recommended usage of 0.3kg per square meter.

Characteristics: The ResiRoof GRP Roofing basecoat, designed for roller application, boasts excellent levelling characteristics and sag resistance on inclined surfaces. The cured Roof Resin is tack-free and watertight before any topcoat application.

Application: Apply the product away from direct sunlight and extreme summer heat. Add a maximum of 3% ResiRoof Catalyst by volume (example: 30ml per kg). Hand mix for optimal results, avoiding mechanical mixing. Apply approximately 1.25kg per m2 using the ResiRoof medium pile roller, with options for 450g or 1.5kg for 600g matting. Follow our detailed ResiRoof user application guides for a customized approach, ensuring a wet thickness of around 1kg per m2. Consolidate well with a metal finned or bladed paddle roller to create a bubble-free resin film surface, ensuring no pinholes or fibre print is present.

For optimum performance: Store the Resin at a reasonable temperature of around 17 degrees Celsius and apply it to a dry, dust-free surface combined with fibreglass stranded or woven matting for optimal performance. polyester resin 10kg

Key Features:

  1. Very low styrene emission resulting in lower styrene levels in working atmospheres.
  2. Improved water resistance for lasting protection.
  3. Low viscosity for rapid and efficient fibre wet-out in both hand and spray lay-up.
  4. Long pot life combined with rapid cure for efficient application.
  5. Lower exotherm allowing thick sections to any fabric with a reduced risk of distortion.

ResiRoof basecoat Coverage: Available in a convenient 5kg size, providing:

  • 1.25kg per m2 coverage using 450g matting.
  • 1.5kg per m2 coverage using 600g matting.

Experience the excellence of Polyester Resin with ResiRoof, your trusted partner for roofing and beyond. Explore the benefits of this innovative product and ensure success in your fibreglass endeavors.

Q1: Is ResiRoof Polyester Resin exclusively for roofing applications, or can it be used for general purposes as well? A1: ResiRoof Polyester Resin is not limited to roofing alone; it's a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of general-purpose fibreglass applications. Whether you're working on repairs, crafting unique fibreglass structures, or engaging in DIY projects, ResiRoof offers reliable performance across diverse applications.

Q2: What distinguishes ResiRoof Polyester Resin as a suitable choice for general-purpose use? A2: ResiRoof Polyester Resin stands out as an ideal choice for general-purpose applications due to its adaptability and top-notch quality. Crafted to go beyond roofing, this resin caters to various fibreglass projects, ensuring consistent and dependable results. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for any DIY enthusiast or professional looking for a high-grade resin.

Q3: Could you elaborate on the term "virgin grade resin" in relation to ResiRoof Polyester Resin? A3: ResiRoof Polyester Resin is classified as a virgin grade resin, signifying its premium quality and purity. As a virgin grade resin, it is manufactured using high-quality raw materials without any recycled content. This ensures a consistent and reliable performance, making ResiRoof the top choice for those seeking uncompromised excellence in their fibreglass projects, be it roofing or general-purpose applications.

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Weight 10 kg