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Polyester Resin 10kg

Original price was: £51.97.Current price is: £45.83. Excl Vat

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Polyester Resin 10kg

excludes hardener

This Polyester Resin 10kg is a high-quality, solvent-based resin that is used as a base coat in conjunction with GRP fibreglass matting for flat or sloping roofing applications. It is also suitable for general-purpose fiberglass applications and repair work.

Key Features:

  • Low Styrene Emission: This resin has very low styrene emission, which means that it is less harmful to the environment and to the workers who are using it.

  • Improved Water Resistance: This resin is designed to be highly water-resistant, making it ideal for use in roofing applications.

  • Low Viscosity: This resin has a low viscosity, which makes it easy to apply and ensures that the fiberglass matting is properly wet out.

  • Long Pot Life: This resin has a long pot life, which gives you plenty of time to work with it before it starts to cure.

  • Lower Exotherm: This resin has a lower exotherm than some other resins, which means that it is less likely to warp or bubble when it cures.


  • Flat or sloping roofing applications
  • General purpose fiberglass applications
  • Repair work


  • Provides a strong, durable base for GRP roofing and other applications
  • Low styrene emission for a safer working environment
  • Improved water resistance for long-lasting protection
  • Easy to apply and work with
  • Less likely to warp or bubble when curing


1. What is the coverage of this resin?

The coverage of this resin will vary depending on the type of fiberglass matting that you are using. For 450g matting, the coverage is approximately 1.25 kg per m┬▓. For 600g matting, the coverage is approximately 1.5 kg per m┬▓.

2. What is the catalyst that I need to use with this resin?

You will need to use ResiRoof Catalyst with this resin. The recommended catalyst-to-resin ratio is 3% by volume. For example, you would use 30ml of catalyst per 1 kg of resin.

3. How long does this resin take to cure?

The curing time of this resin will vary depending on the temperature and humidity. At a temperature of 20┬░C and 50% humidity, the resin will be tack-free in about 30 minutes and fully cured in about 2 hours.

4. How do I clean up this resin?

You can clean up this resin with acetone . Once it has cured, you will need to use a solvent-based cleaner.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg