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TekGuard GRP Hardener 5kg

£77.58 Excl Vat

TekGuard GRP Hardener 5kg


Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener is a clear, liquid catalyst used in conjunction with Tekguard Resin to accelerate the curing process. It is formulated to work with a wide range of our polyester resins, gel coats, bonding pastes, and pattern-coating paints. Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener is particularly useful in cool conditions, as it helps to speed up the curing time. Tekguard Catalyst/Hardener 5kg

Key Features:

  • Controlled cure time: Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener allows for precise control over the curing time of your resins, gels coats, bonding pastes, and pattern coating paints.

  • Mixes with ease: Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener has self-searching characteristics, making it easy to mix with your resins.

  • Durable and weather-resistant: Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener is formulated to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting protection.

  • Environmentally friendly: Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener is solvent-free and has low VOCs.

TekGuard GRP Hardener 5kg Application:

Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener is easy to apply. Simply add a maximum of 3% Catalyst by volume to your resin, gel coat, bonding paste, or pattern coating paint. Mix thoroughly and apply as usual.


Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener can cover up to 40kg of resin per 1kg.


Before using Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener, ensure that your Catalyst dispenser is clean and free of any contamination.


Store Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener at a reasonable temperature of 0 ┬░ C. Keep out of direct sunlight and acetone solutions.

TekGuard GRP Hardener 5kg Safety Precautions:

  • Wear gloves and eye protection when handling Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener.

  • Keep Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener out of reach of children and pets.

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

  • If Tekguard Catalyst / Hardener comes into contact with skin or eyes, flush with water immediately.

  • If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

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Weight 5 kg

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