ResiRoof® Roofing Resin Basecoat 10kg

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  • Impact Resistant 
  • Improved water resistance

ResiRoof® Roofing Resin Basecoat

Colour: Cures Opaque

Content: 10kg Roofing Resin - *Excludes 2x 100g Catalyst (*Required & sold separately)

Where to use this product: ResiRoof basecoat resin is used in conjunction with our Resiroof GRP fibreglass matting.

Product use: ResiRoof GRP Roofing Resin is recommended for use on flat or sloping roofing applications that require high-quality waterproofing.

Preparation: Ensure your Timber deck is 100% dry, clean with no protruding nails or screws showing. An additional resin is required for priming Plywood or HDF surfaces. Use 0.3kg per Square metre.

Characteristics: ResiRoof GRP Roofing basecoat is designed for roller application which exhibits good levelling characteristics and sag resistance on inclined surfaces. The cured Roof Resin is tack-free and will be watertight prior to any Topcoat application.

Application: Apply out of direct and the extreme summer heat of any given day if possible. Add a maximum 3% ResiRoof Catalyst by volume. Example: 30ml per kg. Ensure a good hand mix, *avoid mechanical mixing. Apply approximately 1.25kg per m2 using the ResiRoof medium pile roller to the main roof areas using 450g matting, or 1.5kg for 600g matting, edges and corners can be applied using a brush (NB: This is a basic guide only please refer to our Resiroof user application guides. Apply a wet thickness to the board around 1kg per m2, lay the matting then apply either 0.25kg or 0.5 kg additional resin to the surface, consolidate well with a metal finned or bladed paddle roller to create a bubble-free resin film surface, ensure no pinholes or fibre print is present.

For optimum performance: The Resin should be stored at a reasonable temperature of around 17 degs, applied to a dry, dust-free surface combined with fibreglass stranded or woven matting.

Key Features:

  • Very low styrene emission resulting in lower styrene levels in working atmospheres
  • Improved water resistance
  • Low viscosity for rapid and efficient fibre wet out in both hand and spray lay-up
  • Long pot life combined with rapid cure
  • Lower exotherm allowing thick sections to any fabric with reduced risk of distortion

ResiRoof basecoat Coverage: 

Available In:

  • (1.25kg per m2 coverage using 450g matting) 
  • (1.5kg per m2 coverage using 600g matting) 
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