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TekGuard Liquid Roofing System

TekGuard Liquid Roofing System

Experience the next level in liquid roofing systems with our revolutionary Flexible GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit. Now, you have the flexibility to Fibreglass over felt, presenting a cutting-edge solution for roofers and DIY enthusiasts alike. This advanced system has garnered popularity among our extensive network for overlaying existing roof surfaces, delivering outstanding results even on top of existing felt. The liquid roofing system ensures a solid, hardwearing, and seamless dark grey GRP finish. Choose from our selection of 3 grades of fibreglass, tailored to meet your specific requirements and budget. Elevate your roofing experience with our Liquid Roofing Systems.

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  • Liquid Roofing membrane Tekguard

    Liquid roofing Kits Tekguard GRP

    £269.44£1,102.54 Excl Vat
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  • Tekguard flexi grp

    Tekguard liquid roofing 20kg

    £145.20 Excl Vat
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  • Fibreglass matting CSM

    Chopped strand – 600g

    £12.97£135.01 Excl Vat
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  • 450g fibreglass mat

    Chopped strand – 450g

    £12.95£135.01 Excl Vat
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  • 300gram GlassFibre Matting

    Chopped strand – 300g

    £12.95£135.01 Excl Vat
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  • TEKGUARD Flexi-Primer 5KG

    Tekguard Primer 5kg

    £78.90 Excl Vat
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  • Tekguard Catalyst/Hardener 5kg

    TekGuard GRP Hardener 5kg

    £77.58 Excl Vat
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  • TekGuard FLEXI-GRP Acetone 5l


    £34.16 Excl Vat
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  • TekGuard GRP Hardener 1kg

    TekGuard GRP Hardener 1kg

    £22.65 Excl Vat
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