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EverGreen Deco Tool pack

£77.34 Excl Vat

EverGreen Deco Tool pack

Introducing the DECO Professional Laminating Tool Bundle ÔÇô the essential kit for achieving flawless results in your laminating projects. Designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, this bundle combines top-quality tools to make your laminating tasks efficient and precise.

EverGreen Deco Tool pack: Bundle Contents:

  1. DECO Paddle Roller 225mm x 21mm Dia.: A large, high-quality paddle roller for uniform pressure and effective lamination of surfaces, ensuring a smooth and professional finish on a variety of materials.
  2. EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Acetone: The perfect companion for cleaning and preparing surfaces before lamination. EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Acetone ensures a clean and adhesive-ready surface, promoting optimal bonding.
  3. Push Fit Roller Arm 150mm (6"): Enhance your control and reach with the push-fit roller arm. This versatile arm is adjustable for different project requirements, providing flexibility and ease of use.
  4. DECO Paddle Roller 140mm x 21mm Dia.: A mid-sized paddle roller for more detailed work and precision in lamination. Ideal for projects that require careful attention to smaller areas.
  5. Roller Fluffy Refill 150mm (Pack of 4): Keep your lamination tools performing at their best with these fluffy roller refills. Easy to replace and maintain, ensuring consistent and quality results with every use.
  6. Plastic Handle Laminating Brush 75mm (Pack of 2): Perfect for applying adhesive evenly and smoothly. The plastic handle provides a comfortable grip, and the 75mm width is ideal for detailed work and tight spaces.
  7. Buckets 11 Litre (Pack of 2): Stay organised and efficient with these 11-litre buckets. Convenient for mixing and holding various laminating materials, keeping your workspace tidy and your tools at hand.
  8. DECO Paddle Roller 75mm x 21mm Dia.: A compact paddle roller for intricate work and small surfaces. This roller ensures precision and control in your lamination projects.
  9. Disposable Gloves (50 Pairs): Protect your hands during lamination tasks with these disposable gloves. The pack of 50 pairs ensures you have an ample supply for multiple projects.

Upgrade your laminating experience with the DECO Professional Laminating Tool Bundle. Whether you're working on large-scale projects or intricate details, this comprehensive set of tools provides everything you need for efficient, precise, and professional results. Elevate your craftsmanship with DECO.

EverGreen Deco Tool pack: Item bundle content:

1 x DECO Paddle Roller 225mm x 21mm Dia.

1 x EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Acetone

1 x Push Fit Roller Arm 150mm (6")

1 x DECO Paddle Roller 140mm x 21mm Dia.

4 x Roller Fluffy Refill 150mm

2 x Plastic Handle Laminating Brush 75mm

2 x Buckets 11 litre

1 x DECO Paddle Roller 75mm x 21mm Dia.

1 x Disposable gloves 50 pairs