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Glass Fibre Pond lining Kit (GRP) 15m2 Black

£422.49 Excl Vat

Glass Fibre Pond lining Kit (GRP) 15m2 Black

GRP Pond Lining Kit


Transform your pond with ease using our comprehensive GRP Pond Lining Kit, perfect for ponds up to 8m┬▓. These all-inclusive kits are designed to simplify the purchasing process, ensuring you have everything you need for a professional-grade GRP lining.

What's Included

  • Primers: Prepare your pond surface for optimal adhesion.
  • Fibreglass Mats: High-quality mats for durable and long-lasting lining.
  • Resins: Reliable resins to create a strong and waterproof layer.
  • Topcoats: Finish your pond with a sleek, protective topcoat.
  • Hardeners: Essential for curing the resin and topcoat.

Color Option

  • Black

1x Chopped Strand Mat 450g 15kg 33m2

2x Encore 30 GP Polyester Resin H13212 TAE 25kg

2x MEKP Standard Catalyst Hardener 100 gram

2x MEKP Standard Catalyst Hardener 500 gram

1x Prymax GRP Primer 2.5kg

1x Surface Tissue 30g 100cm wide 20m

2x Topfast BS00E53 Super Black Topcoat 5.5kg