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GRP Roof Trims 1.5metre

£6.03£6.12 Excl Vat

Introducing our GRP Roof Trims 1.5metre – A versatile range of high-quality trims designed to enhance and protect your roofing projects. Crafted with precision and durability, these trims come in a convenient 1.5-meter length, ensuring ease of installation and a seamless finish. Each trim is thoughtfully engineered to meet specific needs, providing solutions for various roofing applications.


  1. A170 Drip Trim (1.5m):
    • Smallest dedicated drip trim
    • Dimensions: Length 1.5m, Drop 65mm, Flange > 80mm, Roll 10mm
    • Ideal match with B230 Raised Edge Trim
  2. A200 Drip Trim (1.5m):
    • Mid-size drip trim for versatile applications
    • Dimensions: Length 1.5m, Drop 90mm, Flange > 80mm, Roll 10mm
    • Perfectly complements B260 Mid-size Raised Edge Trim
  3. A250 Drip Trim (1.5m):
    • Largest dedicated drip trim
    • Dimensions: Length 1.5m, Drop 140mm, Flange > 80mm, Roll 10mm
    • Matches seamlessly with B300 Largest Raised Edge Trim
  4. AT195 EX/INTERNAL (1.5m):
    • Versatile trim suitable for simulating lead bay drips
    • Dimensions: Length 1.5m, Drop 70mm, Flange > 100mm
  5. C100 Simulated Lead (1.5m):
    • Simulates lead with precision
    • Dimensions: Length 1.5m, Height 100mm, Width 20mm
    • Ideal for pairing with C7 Corners against a wall edge
  6. D260 Wall Fillet (1.5m):
    • Designed for wall edges and corners
    • Dimensions: Length 1.5m, Height 150mm, Width 120mm
    • Can be paired with C3 Corners and C2 Fillet Trim for a complete solution

GRP Roof Trims 1.5metre Note: This item is subject to a surcharge due to its length, ensuring you receive top-quality trims tailored for your roofing needs. Elevate your roofing projects with our GRP Roof Trims – the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

GRP Trims

GRP Roof Trims 1.5metre Q&As

Q1: What makes the A170 Drip Trim an ideal choice for roofing projects?

A1: The A170 Drip Trim is the smallest dedicated drip trim in our range, meticulously crafted to offer optimal performance. With dimensions of Length 1.5m, Drop 65mm, Flange > 80mm, and a Roll of 10mm, this trim is perfect for precision water diversion. It seamlessly matches with the B230 Raised Edge Trim, ensuring a cohesive and reliable solution for your roofing needs.

Q2: How does the AT195 EX/INTERNAL trim stand out from traditional drip trims, and in what scenarios is it recommended?

A2: The AT195 EX/INTERNAL trim, though not technically a drip trim, provides a unique solution for situations simulating lead bay drips. With dimensions of Length 1.5m, Drop 70mm, and a Flange > 100mm, this versatile trim offers flexibility in various roofing applications. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice when you need to address specific design or aesthetic requirements.

Q3: Can the C100 Simulated Lead be used independently, and what are its potential pairings for a comprehensive roofing solution?

A3: Absolutely, the C100 Simulated Lead is designed to stand out on its own with dimensions of Length 1.5m, Height 100mm, and Width 20mm. However, for a complete roofing solution, consider pairing it with C7 Corners, especially when used against a wall edge. This combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures a seamless and professional finish

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A200 Drip Trim 75mm x 90mm, AT195 External, AT195 Internal, B260 Raised Edge Trim to suit A200, C100 100mm Simulated Lead, D260 Wall Fillet Trim to abutt against a wall

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