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Liquid Rubber Roofing kit 40m²

£589.19 Excl Vat

Liquid Rubber Roofing kit 40m2 (includes tools)

4 x Liquid Rubber Roofing kit 10m²

4 x Roller Fluffy Refill 150mm

1 x Telescopic Extension Handle

2 x Roller Economy Fluffy Refill 75mm

3 x Buckets 11 litre

1 x Push Fit Roller Arm

1 x Economy Fluffy Frame 75mm

3 x Laminating Brush 75mm

1 x Disposable gloves 50 pairs

PurRoof 2k 15.5kg Specification

  • Contents: Parts (A) Activator. Parts (B) PurRoof 2k Polyurethane Liquid roofing system (liquid rubber)
    Coverage: 1.5-2 kg/m² (10m² *Approx depending on the surface)
    Colour: Grey
  • Pack size: 15.5kg

PurRoof Liquid Roofing Kits is a solvent-free very low odour 2 part Polyurethane system with a liquid activator and is a versatile product for use on new construction and refurbishment projects such as schools. PurRoof can be applied by professional roofers experienced in cold lay systems or DIY users

Revolutionise your roofing projects with PurRoof, a high-performance liquid rubber roofing solution designed for versatility and exceptional durability. This advanced system, especially effective when reinforced with PurVeil 15, caters to various applications both externally and internally. Here's what sets PurRoof apart:

PTDS: PurRoof Technical Data

PTDS: PurVeil Technical Data

Product Presentation: OverView

Can a liquid roof be used to repair a leaking roof? ResinCoat liquid rubber Key Uses:

  • Roof Refurbishment/Replacement: Ideal for high-performance roofing projects, offering exceptional toughness with flexural strength.
  • Surface Compatibility: Bonds seamlessly to a wide range of surfaces, making it suitable for waterproofing cementitious structures, roadways, sub-layers for Tarmac, car parks, walkways, bridges, and ramps.
  • Flexible Application: Can be utilized without PurVeil 15 reinforcement for general repairs and overlaying existing roofs.

liquid rubber waterproof coating resincoat Special Features:

  • Solvent-Free, Low Odor: A user-friendly solution with minimal environmental impact.
  • Crack Filling: Provides a seamless barrier, effectively filling cracks for enhanced protection.
  • Cold Applied: Allows for application in a variety of temperatures.
  • Breathable Membrane: Ensures proper ventilation beneath the roofing material.
  • Pour & Roll System (Wet on Wet): Facilitates easy application, saving time and effort.
  • 15-Year Material Guarantee: Achievable when using PurVeil 15 reinforcement, providing long-lasting peace of mind.

Surface Preparation:

  • Dry Surface: Ensure the surface is dry before commencing work.
  • Contamination Removal: Remove loose contaminants such as rust, organic growth, dust, or dirt that may impact bonding.
  • Residual Moisture Management: Manage residual moisture, and use PurPrimer if necessary, ensuring optimal adhesion.

Flat roof repair Application Instructions:

  • Temperature Consideration: Avoid application below 5°C to ensure proper surface adhesion and curing.
  • Mixing Process: Unclip PurRoof Part A, mix Part B thoroughly before pouring in Part A for a streak-free finish.
  • Cold Weather Mixing: Below 10°C, use PurRoof Part C cold weather activator to maintain cure speed.
  • Joint Creation: Joints can be made over 24hrs to 7 days, with cleaning using acetone within this timeframe.


  • Anti-Slip Addition: For areas requiring slip resistance, add 5-10% of anti-slip additive such as kiln-dried sand.

Versatile Applications:

  • General Repairs: Quick, flexible repairs without PurVeil 15, backed by a 10-year material guarantee.
  • Patch Repair, Renovation, Gutters: Versatile use for patch repair, short-term renovations, gutters, and more.

Cure Working Time:

  • Approximately 30 minutes, providing a convenient window for application and adjustments.

Elevate your roofing projects with PurRoof – the epitome of reliability, performance, and ease of application.

Rainproof in approx. - 2hrs with our emergency roof repair.

Walking traffic – approx 15hrs Full Cure/Hardness – approx. - 72Hrs NB – Cure times are based on an average of 20°c and will be shorter at higher temperatures and conversely slower below 20°c.


Liquid Rubber Roofing

FAQs for PurRoof - Liquid Rubber Roofing Solution:

1. Q: What sets PurRoof apart from other roofing solutions?

  • A: PurRoof stands out due to its high-performance liquid rubber formulation, especially effective when reinforced with PurVeil 15. It offers exceptional toughness, compatibility with a wide range of surfaces, and a 15-year material guarantee when used with PurVeil 15 reinforcement.

2. Q: Can PurRoof be applied in both external and internal settings?

  • A: Yes, PurRoof is designed for versatile applications and can be applied both externally and internally. It is suitable for various projects, including roof refurbishment, replacement, and waterproofing of structures like roadways, car parks, walkways, bridges, and ramps.

3. Q: What considerations should be taken into account during application?

  • A:
    • Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is dry and free from loose contaminants. Manage residual moisture, and use PurPrimer if necessary.
    • Temperature Consideration: Avoid applying below 5°C to ensure proper surface adhesion and curing.
    • Mixing Process: Thoroughly mix Part B before adding Part A for a streak-free finish. In cold weather (below 10°C), use PurRoof Part C cold weather activator.
    • Joint Creation: Joints can be made over 24hrs to 7 days, with cleaning using acetone within this timeframe.

These FAQs provide essential information on PurRoof's unique features, applications, and key considerations during the application process. Always refer to the detailed instructions and recommendations for optimal results.

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Weight 64.3 kg