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Polyester Resin 20kg Premium

£107.58 Excl Vat

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Polyester Resin 20kg Premium


Embark on a roofing revolution with ResiRoof® Polyester Resin 20kg Premium, your ultimate solution for unparalleled waterproofing and versatile fibreglass applications. This epic product seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with user-friendly characteristics, making it a game-changer in the world of roofing and beyond.

ResiRoof Roofing Resin Base Coat Highlights:

Where to Use Polyester Resin 20kg ResiRoof┬« : Revolutionize your roofing projects by integrating ResiRoof basecoat resin with our ResiRoof GRP fibreglass matting. Ideal for both flat and sloping roofs, this dynamic duo ensures top-tier waterproofing. But that's not all ÔÇô ResiRoof goes beyond roofing, catering to a myriad of general-purpose fibreglass applications and repair work.

Polyester Resin 20kg Premium Preparation for Excellence: Ensure your timber deck is primed for success ÔÇô 100% dry, immaculately clean, and free from protruding nails or screws. Additional resin primes plywood or HDF surfaces, with a recommended usage of 0.3kg per square meter, laying the foundation for excellence.

Polyester Resin 20kg Premium ResiRoof® Characteristics that Soar Above: Engineered for roller application, ResiRoof basecoat exhibits exceptional levelling and sag resistance on inclined surfaces. Once cured, this roof resin is tack-free and watertight, setting the stage for flawless topcoat application.

Polyester Resin 20kg ResiRoof® Application Expertise: Navigate the application with finesse. Avoid direct sunlight, add a maximum 3% ResiRoof Catalyst, and hand mix for optimal results.

Apply approximately 1.25kg per m2 for 450g matting or 1.5kg for 600g matting using the ResiRoof medium pile roller. Consult our ResiRoof user application guides for a customized approach, ensuring a wet thickness of around 1kg per m2, followed by meticulous consolidation with a metal finned or bladed paddle roller.

Optimal Storage and Usage: Store ResiRoof at a comfortable 17 degrees Celsius for peak performance. Apply it to a dry, dust-free surface combined with fibreglass stranded or woven matting for roofing mastery and beyond. fibreglass roofing in the rain

Key Features:

  • Very low styrene emission, promoting a safer working environment
  • Superior water resistance
  • Low viscosity for efficient fibre wet-out in hand and spray lay-up
  • Extended pot life coupled with rapid cure
  • Lower exotherm reduces the risk of distortion in thick sections

Polyester Resin 20kg Premium Coverage guide:

  • Available In: 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
  • 1.25kg per m2 coverage using 450g matting
  • 1.5kg per m2 coverage using 600g matting

Now, let's delve into the essence of ResiRoof with three captivating Q&As:

Q1: What sets ResiRoof apart in terms of versatility? A1: ResiRoof stands out for its dual-purpose prowess. While it excels in roofing applications, offering superior waterproofing due to the fact its pure, its versatility extends to a wide range of general fibreglass projects, making it an all-encompassing solution for diverse applications.

Q2: How does ResiRoof contribute to a safer working environment? A2: ResiRoof takes safety seriously with its very low styrene emission. By reducing styrene levels in working atmospheres, it ensures a safer and more comfortable environment for professionals, minimizing potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure.

Q3: Can ResiRoof handle the demands of both intricate fibreglass projects and large-scale roofing applications? A3: Absolutely. With features like low viscosity for efficient fibre wet-out and extended pot life, ResiRoof is engineered to cater to the demands of both intricate fibreglass projects and large-scale roofing applications. Its adaptability and rapid cure make it a reliable companion for projects of all sizes.

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Weight 20 kg