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Tekguard liquid roofing 20kg

£145.20 Excl Vat

69 in stock (can be backordered)

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Tekguard liquid roofing 20kg

Introducing TekGuard Liquid Roofing in a convenient 20kg package, KoverTek's innovative solution redefines GRP technology to streamline application processes and accelerate working times on both existing and new roof surfaces.

TekGuard is a comprehensive system that revolutionizes traditional GRP approaches, eliminating the need for separate GRP resin and topcoat, as well as other liquid products. This flexible system mitigates common issues like flaking and cracking, ensuring resilience against weather-induced expansions and contractions, and preventing unsightly and noisy roofs often associated with incorrect installations.

Key Features:

  1. Fire Certification: TekGuard boasts the latest fire certification, meeting BS 476 part 3/CEN/TS EN 1187-4 standards. Tested as a flat roof on OSB3, the product surpasses industry benchmarks with certifications including EXT.F.AA and BROOF(t4).
  2. Versatile Application: Specifically designed for roofing applications, TekGuard provides high coverage and universal cure, with the added convenience of application via brush, roller, or spray, using specialized equipment.
  3. Color Consistency: Produced in RAL 7011 for a consistent color, TekGuard offers not only aesthetic appeal but also high UV resistance and long-term weathering.
  4. Base Only Supply: Please note that TekGuard is supplied as a base only and must be purchased with TekGuard GRP Liquid Catalyst to ensure optimal performance.

Tekguard liquid roofing 20kg Features & Benefits:

  • 15-year (300g CSM), 20-year (450g CSM), or 25-year (600g CSM) Materials Guarantee when correctly installed.
  • Single high-performance flexible resin ÔÇô no separate base and topcoat required.
  • Quick application and a range of cure times to suit the environment, saving time and costs.
  • Cold applied, eliminating hot works or open flame risks.
  • Superior 'wet-out' of fiberglass reinforcement (CSM).
  • Liquid catalyst system for a simplified cure process.
  • TekGuard/TekShield branded ancillaries for universal use without carrying different products.

Tekguard liquid roofing 20kg Q&A:


Overlay existing flat roof kits

Q1: Can TekGuard Polyester Resin be used for applications other than roofing? A1: Absolutely! TekGuard Polyester Resin is a versatile solution suitable for various general-purpose fibreglass applications, ensuring reliable performance across diverse projects.

Q2: What does "virgin grade resin" mean in the context of TekGuard Polyester Resin? A2: TekGuard Polyester Resin is classified as a virgin grade resin, indicating its premium quality and purity. Manufactured without recycled content, it ensures consistent and reliable performance, making it an excellent choice for roofing and general-purpose fibreglass applications.

Q3: How does TekGuard contribute to environmental sustainability? A3: TekGuard reduces the need for full roof replacement where suitable, minimizing the environmental impact and cost of waste disposal. Its innovative Flexi-GRP system can be applied to existing roofs, saving time and resources by overlaying sound structures and avoiding unnecessary waste.

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